The FORSAGE xGOLD is coming!

The FORSAGE xGOLD is coming!

The FORSAGE xGOLD marketing is the exact program that brought us to the TRON blockchain. xGOLD couldn’t be launched on Ethereum, but it has been successfully implemented on the TRON. Later we came up with an idea of becoming independent from a specific blockchain, in our case – the Ethereum. Then we also adapted our x3 and x4 marketing plans to the TRON. However, xGOLD gives our users even more spillovers and more interaction within the team.

How does xGOLD work

The cost of slots starts with 200 TRX for the first one, and then it is doubling up to slot 10. And when it comes to slot 10 and further, we can see how the most interesting possibilities of FORSAGE start to deploy. After slot 10, the values increase with the so-called Golden Ratio, also known as Fibonacci numbers – 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. Prices for slots 10-15 are 100,000 TRX, 200,000 TRX, 300,000 TRX, 500,000 TRX, 800,000 TRX, 1,300,000 TRX.

Golden Ratio is also known as the Golden Section, Golden Mean, Divine Proportion and the Greek letter Phi.

The Golden Ratio is a perfect balance that can be observed in the laws of nature and the Universe. The use of the Golden Ratio leads to success in many fields, be it art, technology, science, or business.

The most stunning thing about FORSAGE xGOLD is that each partner receives his unique smart contract upon registration. This is how it works. In the xGOLD matrix, we have 30 places arranged in 4 lines: two in the first line, four in the second line, eight in the third, and sixteen in the fourth. Partners in your matrix may be invited by you, come by spillovers from above up to the third upline, or come by spillovers from the lower lines. Payments of two people in the first line go to your upline – the same as in x4 matrix. When it comes to the second line, you get 20% from each of the four places. With the third line, you get 30% from each of the eight places. With the fourth line, you get 50% from 16 places. Thus the total yield of one matrix circle is 1120%. Also, note that all this amount is used for an automatic repeat (recycle).

But how does automatic repeat work in xGold? Now it’s time to explain the meaning of an individual smart contract.

Why every xGOLD user gets his own smart contract

To activate a new slot, you need to deposit 100% of its value. But payments from the fourth line are 50% each, so you need to collect two payments. It is impossible to know exactly in what position the partner should stand inside the matrix. So you cannot take a place in advance. It is also unacceptable for us to create a fund accumulation in the smart contract of the Community. We always emphasize that we do not collect funds on the FORSAGE smart contract balance.

But we need an automatic repeat. Otherwise, situations will constantly arise when you do not have time to pay repeat in time, and your partners can get ahead of you.

This is unfair since it is impossible to monitor your matrix 24/7 to catch the exact moment when it is completed. This is why FORSAGE gives you a unique solution! You have your own smart contract on the TRON. This smart contract is not available to anyone but you. The ultimate payment of 50% goes to your individual contract, and only you can manage these funds. As soon as the last matrix payout comes, it is summed up with the penultimate one, and the new matrix is automatically activated.

Then the pattern repeats, and your partners close their matrices in the same way to follow you in a new matrix. Just like in programs x3 and x4, there is a motivation to upgrade slots for your structure. After completing the circle, you need to activate the next slot in order not to miss payments from the previous one. Since the same rule works for your entire structure, the progress will be constant. After slot 15, no further upgrades are needed, and the circle will continue to progress, bringing constant income.

How to join

If you join the FORSAGE on TRON at the xGOLD pre-launch stage, you will need 200 TRX for registration. Only two programs will be available for you – x3 and x4.

When xGOLD is launched, we will give those who joined Forsage on Tron at the pre-launch stage an opportunity to activate it primarily. It will cost another 200 TRX. Then there will be a full start for everyone, and it will cost 400 TRX to enter. All three programs will be activated.

How many slots to activate from the start

We have several participants who started with all 15 slots in x3 and x4 right away. It cost them 2,985,400 TRX, or about $174,489 at the rate of 0.035. They knew what they were doing because they already had a successful experience with FORSAGE on Ethereum. They knew that the faster you activate the slots, the more chances you have to make more money. The total income of one circle of slots is 17,448,900 TRX. It is $558,364 at a rate of 0.035. And in this calculation, only one circle is taken into account! In work mode, the figures will be much bigger.

Many partners who have already earned record-breaking sums in FORSAGE are convinced of this. We don’t know if the partners who have activated 15 slots are ready to do the same in xGOLD after it’s launched. But it’s definitely worth it! Just look:

The total cost of 15 slots is 3,300,100 TRX. That’s $115,503 at 0.035 exchange rate.

And the income for one circle of all slots is $36,961,120 TRX. It is $1,293,639 at the rate 0.035.

If we sum up the income of one circle of all slots of all programs and deduct the cost of all slots, we get a net profit for one circle which is 46,124,520 TRX. It is $1,614,358 at the rate 0.035.

And this is not the limit! Let us remind you once again that in work mode by the time one circle of 15 slots is closed, the rest of the slots will have passed many circles.

It is now without a doubt that FORSAGE works, and wins the hearts of people all over the world. Choose your strategy and make the most of the opportunities we provide!


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