How I Lost $5000 With FORSAGE

How I Lost $5000 With FORSAGE

How I Lost $5,000 With FORSAGE

Even if a system provides excellent technical solutions, there is always a risk of financial losses due to the human factor. We spoke with one of the users who told us a very interesting and instructive story about how he lost 5,000 USD on the platform. Read it carefully, and don’t make his mistakes!

– Why did you initially decide to join FORSAGE?

I just clicked on the advertising link. I was interested in the opportunity to invest with the prospect of creating a source of passive income. That’s why this offer seemed interesting to me. I have already worked with matrix platforms, but I did not deal with decentralized ones before However, it turned out that my experience in this area was not enough at that time. Excessive self-confidence backfired right to my face.

– Is it true that you lost $ 5,000 in FORSAGE?

-Unfortunately, yes. I dived headfirst into the project without studying the details properly. Strictly speaking, I have not read anything at all, except for the positive reviews about the FORSAGE which clouded my judgement. My advice to everyone who is going to invest in new platforms is to evaluate everything twice before joining.

– What was the mistake? Why did you lose money?

Of course, we are actually talking about loss of profit since it is impossible to lose your hard-earned money here. Blockchain and smart contracts, as well as keeping money on users’ own wallets, eliminate the risks of losing real funds. But believe me, it is no less offensive to see an opportunity and not take advantage of it. I didn’t buy slots on my programs on time and, as a result, the process of inviting participants was going on, but I didn’t receive anything. Although I could! Moreover, I even received notifications from the bot, but I ignored them, considering them useless advertising messages. Can you imagine how disappointed I was when I realized that I myself had wasted my reward? In order not to miss your profit, you need to buy slots on time. I overlooked the opportunity, and I could receive $ 5,000 more than I actually received. Of course, this is not the end of the world. Now I’m much more careful and attentive. I hope this doesn’t happen again.

Newcomers who have just joined FORSAGE, are strongly advised to visit the Academy website so that there are as few unpleasant situations and disappointments like this as possible.


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