How Marketing Projects Work And How Profits Are Made

How Marketing Projects Work And How Profits Are Made

FORSAGE is a blockchain-based marketing platform. What does it mean? That it is a kind of social network for business, where the user’s income depends not only on his personal investment, but also on his active interaction with other users, including participants-to-be.

There are people out there who have a negative attitude towards MLM (multilevel marketing) projects. We’d like to point out that FORSAGE is essentially different from other marketing structures. The platform operates on the blockchain, using a smart contract, and each operation is completely transparent. This immediately sweeps aside those disadvantages of MLM structures which are usually mentioned, like the unjust enrichment of the creators. With FORSAGE, users have equal rights and opportunities. Let’s consider the advantages of participating in such a structure.

Minimum entry threshold

Users don’t need any significant start-up capital here. Anyone can start developing their personal business on the matrix platform. This is a fundamental difference from starting a business in real life, which only 5% of people can afford. Moreover, there is a 100% guarantee that you will not lose your funds. The human factor is completely excluded, the smart contract works efficiently and transparently no matter what.

Freedom of action

With a marketing platform like FORSAGE, you and only you plan your actions, set the terms and goals that are comfortable for you. There are no strict deadlines or bosses breathing down your neck. However, we advise you to be aware that your income depends only on you. This motivates and gives an incentive to be proactive and look for solutions that are beneficial not only for you, but for the entire community.

Process automation

A decentralized Internet system unlocks a great number of modern tools and methods for building a business. You don’t have to deal with routine actions like partner accounting or income calculation. The tools are intuitive, most of the necessary operations can be done in a couple of clicks. Business management does not take much time, you can do it whenever you like.

Risk minimization

We already mentioned the risks of fund loss or theft – they are eliminated due to the transparency of the smart contract. One more advantage comes with a low entry threshold. It is true that for a minimum investment you get access to a full-fledged business school and can further develop your structure in the most effective ways. In FORSAGE, everyone has equal rights, and it is technically impossible to exclude someone from the system, leaving them jilted. The work is carried out anonymously, no one will ask for your personal data or other confidential information.

Personal growth

An integral part of success on a matrix-type platform is self-development and continuous learning. You can come with zero knowledge and receive a full range of skills from experts and mentors, and then build your own income matrix.

Multilevel marketing as a phenomenon has been working great since 1945. Its methods are time-tested and effective. But more importantly, in combination with the cutting-edge technology of FORSAGE, it acquires a new dimension. MLM becomes transparent, easy-to-use and accessible to everyone. Beginners get guaranteed training and profit.

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