FORSAGE X3 and X4 programs are matrices with 12 slots each (15 slots in TRX), where every slot has a certain number of places for the partners to occupy. There are three places in 1 line in each X3 matrix slot, and six places in 2 lines in the X4 matrix slots. When a slot fills out, meaning all the places are occupied by partners, a new slot of the same level reopens automatically.

Every next slot costs twice as much as the previous one to activate but allows you to earn twice as much rewards. Activating the next more expensive slot is called an Upgrade.

The first slots of each program cost 0.025 ETH (or 100 TRX). They are always activated together; the first slots cannot be activated separately. So, it requires only 0.05 ETH (or 200 TRX) to join FORSAGE. You can activate the next slots in the matrices separately, but only one after another in order from the lower to the higher. It is impossible to upgrade to a third slots without having a second open.


One FORSAGE X3 slot can be pictured like this: 3 places in one line below you which are occupied by your partners. You get rewards for the first 2 partners in the slot, while the third partner closes the slot and triggers Restart, so the 3rd reward goes to your higher partner.

All partners in the Forsage x3 matrix plan are your personally invited partners. When you invite partners and they activate their slots, they occupy places under you. The distribution of rewards within the X3 matrix slots occurs automatically on the following conditions:

1 > The first referral partner occupies a place under you. 100% reward in the amount of the slot activation cost goes to your personal wallet.

2 > The second referral partner takes the second place below you. Reward is also instantly transferred to your personal wallet.

3 > The third partner takes the third place below you, and your slot restarts as it fills out. You again receive 100% reward, but it is automatically used to restart the slot, so it goes upper in the structure.

Restart of your slot activates the same slot for you again, and you continue to receive rewards for the slot when new partners occupy the spots in it. When Restart occurs, and your slot is reopened again, you occupy the next free place in your higher partners’ slot. Accordingly, 100% reward for the restart is transferred to your superior (higher partner).

One restart can trigger a series of cascade restarts for the higher partners, with the reward eventually going higher in the structure to the upper partner whose slot doesn’t fill out.

Overtakes are the situations when your lower partner upgrades to the slot which you didn’t upgrade yet. For example, you activated up to the 4th slot, but your lower partner activated 5th slot in his matrix. In this case you will miss the reward for slot 5 from your partner since you didn’t activate slot 5 yet, and the reward will go to your higher partner who has this slot activated. When you activate the 5th slot, you will stop missing rewards for this slot from lower partners, and when your partner, that overtook you before, reopens his 5th slot, he will take a spot in your slot and the reward will be yours.

In this regard, it is beneficial to have as many slots activated as possible, because your partners may overtake you with activating more slots than you and you can start missing rewards. Additionally, it is possible to catch some extra rewards for the slots your lower partners didn’t activate when overtakes happen in their lower structures, so that the rewards may come to you.

Example, assume there are 3 members: Mike invited Andrew and Andrew invited Peter (Mike->Andrew->Peter). Mike has 5 slots activated in X3 and Andrew activated only 4 slots. When Peter activates 5th slot, Andrew misses the reward, and Peter occupies the place in Mike’s 5th slot and Mike gets the reward from Peter.


In parallel, the FORSAGE X4 program also works for you, here an overflow system is organised from above and from below. This program is designed to benefit from team efforts and allows you to build effective structures within groups. Your X4 slots can be filled with various partners, they can be not only your direct partners (whom you invited personally), but also partners from your above or your lower partners. So, they may be all invited by you, no one invited by you, or mixed.

One FORSAGE X4 slot can be pictured like this: 6 places in total on 2 lines, 2 partner places below you on the first line and 4 spots on the second line. You get rewards from the partners on the second line, while rewards from the partners on the first line go to your upline.

There are 6 places in each X4 slot, which are filled out consequently by the partners in the following order: first, there are 2 partners in the first line, and 4 partners in the second line, while each leg of the second line is filled one by one. Partner 3 comes under partner 1, and partner 4 comes under partner 2, and then Partner 5 under Partner 1 and Partner 6 under Partner 2. Partner 5 or 6, depending on who comes in first, triggers the restart of the slot.

1 > 2 > Partners who occupy 2 places below you in the first line are simultaneously two places in the second line of your higher partner. 100% rewards go to the wallet of your higher partner.

3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > These are the partners in your second line and you receive rewards from them, 100% from four people. Of these, 3 rewards go instantly to your wallet.

5 or 6 > The last reward, whichever occurs first, closes the slot and triggers the restart, which opens the same slot for you again, while the reward goes higher to your upline structure.

Overtakes and Spillovers

Same as in X3, you can overtake your superior partner in X4 by activating slots which he has not opened yet. In this case, you get up to his superior partner, the closest who has this slot level activated in his next available place at the time, and the reward goes to his structure.

If he doesn’t have this slot activated, then in the same way you are already overtaking two superiors until the system finds a higher partner who has this slot active.

Referral connection rearranges the partners order back to normal when partners catch up, i.e. they activate the slots which their lower partners overtook them by earlier. This means that when your lower partner’s slot restarts, he will take a place in your slot that was previously missed.

Example, 3 members: Mike invited Andrew and Andrew invited Peter (Mike->Andrew->Peter). Mike has 5 slots activated in X4 and Andrew activated only 4 slots. When Peter activates 5th slot, Andrew misses the reward, and Peter occupies the place in Mike’s 5th slot structure. But when Andrew activates his 5th slot, and Peter’s 5th slot restarts, Peter will then take the place in Andrew’s structure.

Spillovers are when the places in your slots are occupied by partners whom you yourself do not invite personally. They can be from higher or lower partners. This is one of the most anticipated mechanics on the platform, where members can receive rewards from indirect partners, in other words, passive rewards. But it should be noted, that spillovers are not guaranteed, and they are possible ONLY in active structures. Therefore, if you are after spillovers on the platform, then make sure to register with the active structures.


There are total of 24 slots in Ethereum (or 30 slots in Tron case) FORSAGE matrices available for members to activate, where each slot costs twice as much as previous to upgrade.
Activating a slot in any matrix plan opens up places for you to invite new partners, and when they occupy places in your structure – you to receive rewards for it.
First 2 slots in X3 and X4 are activated simultaneously with the registration, so it requires 0.05 ETH to register in Forsage (or 200 TRX). Next slots can be activated separately, but every next slot in any matrix can be activated only one after another.
X3 slots open up 3 places below in 1 line for the personal partners to occupy, while rewards for the 2 places go to you, and the 3rd spot triggers the restart of the slot and the reward goes higher to your upline.
X4 slots open up 6 place below in 2 lines – 2 places on the 1st line and 4 places on the second. 2 rewards from the 1st line places go to your upline, and 3 rewards from the 2nd line go to you, while 4th partner on the 2nd line (or 6th partner in the whole slot) triggers restart and the reward goes higher to your upline structure. Places in X4 can be occupied by partners invited by you personally, no one invited by you, or mixed.
Overtakes from lower partners (when they have more slots activated than you) make you miss rewards from the slot you didn’t activate but your lower partners did. When an overtake occurs your lower partner will occupy a place in your closest higher partner structure that has this slot activated until.
Spillovers are a form of passive rewards, when spots in your X4 slots are occupied by the partners you didn’t invite directly, they can be from higher or lower partners.

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