Why Is FORSAGE Not A Ponzi?

Why Is FORSAGE Not A Ponzi?

Why is FORSAGE not a Ponzi scheme?” — Some of you have grown tired of answering this one! We’ll break it down for you! You get the answer and we get a like, deal? Let’s go!

What is a Ponzi scheme?

A Ponzi scheme — is a planned fraudulent operation that has an obvious outcome. It’s a bubble that will inevitably burst for a number of reasons:

· Firstly, in a Ponzi scheme, old participants get paid with the money from new participants. Sooner or later the scheme operator decides to pull it to keep their profits. It’s mathematically impossible for this scheme to go on forever anyway.

· Secondly, a Ponzi scheme is always centralized! Every pyramid has an operator who can push the proverbial button to stop payouts and claim all the money. Once that happens, the pyramid is done.

Why is FORSAGE not a Ponzi scheme?

FORSAGE doesn’t have a single thing in common with the scheme above:

  • All transactions are made between users: from wallet to wallet;
  • The FORSAGE smart contract balance is always zero;
  • FORSAGE doesn’t have an administrator who could terminate the project;
  • FORSAGE is 100% decentralized;
  • Investment math doesn’t apply here, what’s more, there is no investment to speak of.

Does FORSAGE have a product?

Yes! The requirement of a material product is an obsolete stereotype, because when you become a FORSAGE community member, you get a product — a digital one, like an application or a game. Having bought it once, you can sell it an unlimited number of times! You don’t have to meet a monthly quota like in multi-level marketing projects with material products.

Do old FORSAGE participants earn money from new participants?

No. If you don’t do anything and simply sit around waiting, there is no way to earn money with FORSAGE. The platform is built on blockchain technology, works without human intervention and will continue working no matter what happens. It doesn’t matter if you joined the community half a year ago or just now — you have all the chances of earning a great income!

Let’s sum it up:

· FORSAGE is fully decentralized, it doesn’t have an administrator who can decide to close down the project;

· The smart contract balance stays empty, and all transactions are made between participant wallets;

· FORSAGE has a product, but it’s a digital one that can be sold an unlimited number of times;

· Doesn’t matter when you join the community — if you work, you get paid;

· Nobody can intervene in the platform’s operation. If you invite a new participant — you get paid directly to your wallet.

Join Forsage now and start fulfilling your dreams.

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