A special feature of FORSAGE

A special feature of FORSAGE

A special feature of FORSAGE is that it is an equal opportunity for any participant!

Unlike centralised and pyramid schemes, Forsage offers you equal potential wherever you join: today, yesterday or tomorrow. There is no such thing as being at the top or bottom of the pyramid.

🌐 People around the world are united by idea. They are telling about Forsage, developing their teams and communities. They are united by the common values of helping each other, trust and equity. They make their dreams come true.

And as we see in practice, a huge number of people are achieving great success. A huge number of people are breaking records in terms of profitability. Forsage opens up a perspective for its participants that no other programme has ever done before.


This is what we all want. We recognise the right of everyone to realise their dreams and we provide support on this journey.

Forsage is an opportunity. And this opportunity is totally fair.

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